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I suppose it can also depend upon who you play with,
and how political they or you are, and how much you
"stick out in the crowd".

I played for ten years before getting my AoA at
Lughnasad last year (so I've been a lady only a year),
which surprised me, since I tend to be shy about
entering contests or performing in public.  I prefer
to go about, doing my hobby quietly.

My SO played for about 11 or 12 years before getting a
Sable Thistle, which made him armigerous, since he
didn't have an AoA.  When he received it, he was told
by many that they thought he already had one.  But
since he is a grumpy person, and often standoffish, he
will probably never get another award, despite the
fact that he has been practicing his art at a master
level for more than 30 years, and has taught many
people, including children.  The difference, I think,
is that he teaches at the forge whenever he brings it
to events, and in our backyard, where the forge
usually stays, rather than hauling a couple of tons of
equipment, iron, and coal to teach a formal class at,
say King's College or the like.

Also, I know of another gentle who has been offered an
AoA about 12 times, but declines it for personal
reasons.  And I've even heard there is a 12 year old
girl who is a court baroness.

Your mileage may differ.

-Lady- Madelina de Lindesaya (still not used to using
the title, LOL)

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> > With this strict of critera, I doubt that I would
> be where I am today.
> > I think 2-3 years activity/time after getting the
> AoA is a bit much for
> > these. I think 2-3 years *total* activiy/time is
> might be more
> > realistic.
> >
> >
> HAH- I played 3 years before my Sable Comet from
> Star Gate, I live in Loch
> Sollier.
> My next award was 2 years later Landed Baron.
> My wife played for 6 months, got her AOA  and became
> a landed Baroness in
> less than a year. Imagine the book title How to
> become Landed Nobility in One
> Year or Less.    She recieved her Sable Crane again
> from Star Gate less than
> 6 months after we stepped down.
> Bors

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