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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 28 08:45:14 PDT 2002

> I just don't think it should be that easy...I think
> that
> there should be more effort and energy expected to
> earn
> an award the higher you go...otherwise they are just
> the
> mark of time for a reasonably active person and a
> comet
> has little more weight than a 2nd AoA...
Let me clarify that I meant that I think a year
between awards is an acceptable *minimum.* Sometimes
it takes longer, and that's okay, too. I don't think
getting an award at any level should be *easy*, but if
someone has (for example) made a really extraordinary
contribution to their group in a short amount of time,
it seems appropriate to me to recognize that
contribution with a Comet.

> Not that anyone we know got their degree in
> mathematics;)
Hey, that was in a former life. Now I is a writer!


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