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Uh, no.  A passage of arms can and should be one of the most noble and
inspiration forms of tournament that there are.  The combatants come out
there for the joy of combat.  It is a recognition that all things else
aside, one of the most important things each fighter does is to stride
onto the field and let the opponent vie with him.  It takes two fighters
to have combat, and that is what the passage of arms is about.

"Come brothers, and let us trade blows.  Let us rejoice in the bearing
and wielding of arms."

I'm sorry that the point was not conveyed to you.

As for fighting at the barrier, I feel that it is an
"action-movie-vs-adventure-movie".  Fighting at the barrier (and
especially in period when they used metal swords in many tourneys) was a
test of mental toughness, a willingness to stand your ground in the face
of, well, someone attempting to hit you with a great big mucking bar of
iron.  If however, you prefer the play of footwork and the timing of the
sharpshooter, indeed, the battles at the barrier will not probably be
appealing to you.  Do not, however, let your ignorance of the beauty of
the barrier continue, for contrary to your statement  "...allow much
time for style points", the barrier fight ALWAYS rewards those who have
superior style.  Being able to simultaneously block and cut (techniques
shown in Silver, Di Grassi, Rigneck, and Fiore) will be the keys to

Finally, I feel the phrase "lipstick on a pig" is a bit, dismissive, of
the effort on the part of those who worked so hard to put it on.

Centurion Jean Paul de Sens

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So does this translate to "putting lipstick on a pig"?

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