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That would explain why my Court Duchy isn't in the OP!!!


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> May the heralds I know forgive me, but ... reporting being a non-perfect
> thing, his AOA may not have been reported.  I know that mine wasn't,
though a
> scroll that used to hang on my wall signed by Inman and Athena proclaimed
> differently.

Folks, it happened in Bjornsborg.  Pendaran and I both remember it.  As
someone who lived for many, many, years in Bjornsborg, and was even Herald
there at one time, I can tell you with some authority that back in the day
when HM got his AoA, the state of award reporting was no where near the
sleek and efficient operation it is today.  Particularly in my favorite
insular backwater Barony, which viewed such bureaucratic niceties as "Some
Kingdom officer telling us what to do."

So, in short, it's entirely possible the award never got reported.


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