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Rhodes-walden, Jennifer Jennifer.Rhodes-walden at usa.xerox.com
Thu Aug 29 09:58:24 PDT 2002

There are always a myriad of factors involved, the numbers are the only
ones that we can codify...that does not mean that they are absolute...
it just means that they are a place to start...

and really, especially for the services stuff, trying to compare each
service is like comparing apples and oranges

Is Pug's Pel less valid than mine because it took me 12 years and him 5,

from the time anything is awarded it is valid...and has to be treated as
and deference given to the individual according to rank...

Lorraine DeerSlayer

Milady Lorraine,

I do have a question of qualification for you, though, out of curiosity and
naught else...  do you feel awards should necessarily be time-conditional?

For instance, you said that you felt an AoA should be a minimum of a year.
What if, in the course of eight months, someone has contributed signficantly
to their local group and might very well merit that AoA? Or if someone had
made equally significant progress in their art or science within a year or
so? Would you then hold off and wait until that person had met your
suggested time criterion before recommending, or awarding them the
recognition hard work deserves?

Some people progress faster than others in terms of contributions to the
Society as a whole - be it in service, arts and sciences, fighting, etc
(I've seen AoAs granted with membership of six months or so...). Granted,
there are factors that must be taken into consideration, such as mundane
issues or work and family concerns. Nor does it make less of the efforts
made by those who are more quietly active - everything done is a valuable
contribution. But would you agree there are times when an award is merited
before a certain time frame? And should that be taken into consideration?

Thank you for a very enlightening discussion,


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