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Thu Aug 29 09:34:02 PDT 2002

> Can we find a more positive term than Terminal?

Go for it...it was what my brain came up with...

It was along the lines of...a PhD is a terminal degree for most Scholastic
Endeavours...a MFA for the Arts, etc.

> Also I want to pose a question.  Has anyone took a look at someone who has
> achieve awards and some one who has not? What is the difference?  Is the
> actual difference what we perceive? What offices have they held? How active
> are they? And so forth.  Or are people over looked because they are thought
> to have the award?  I know the answer to this It is a definite Yes.

I agree...I don't treat people differently...what raises or lowers people
in my estimation is not the award they have but their words and actions...
and such things as are they honourable or do they have integrity.

All this for me is an effort for me to define my criteria for
awards...as well as an effort to get people thinking about recommending
awards for people...

I've heard soooo...many people say "I don't know what to recommend them
for" and it's hard to recommend people if you haven't figured out what
criteria for that award is to you.

Also I've heard "I don't have XXX, so I can't reccommend people"...which is BS
anyone can recommend anyone for any award...it's kind of like throwing toilet paper
on the celing at times...some sticks, some doesn't...but if you don't put in that
rec...it is very less likely to happen...

> Remember data can be skewed and perceived in many ways.

It's the old addage, there are lies, damn lies and statistics...

There are always a myriad of factors involved, the numbers are the only
ones that we can codify...that does not mean that they are absolute...
it just means that they are a place to start...

and really, especially for the services stuff, trying to compare each person's
service is like comparing apples and oranges

Is Pug's Pel less valid than mine because it took me 12 years and him 5, NO!!!!

from the time anything is awarded it is valid...and has to be treated as such...
and deference given to the individual according to rank...

respect is an entirely different matter...

> Silver Ram- 9years later.(from thistle)
> Donnel

with much respect for Donnel

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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