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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 10:15:54 PDT 2002

>I've heard soooo...many people say "I don't know what to
>recommend them for" and it's hard to recommend people if
>you haven't figured out what criteria for that award is to you.

Sometimes you can just send in a recommendation, citing all
the work this person has done, what awards they have, when they
recieved their last award, how long they have been playing, etc..
And then ask the Crown if They feel the gentle is worthy of elevation
and what They would suggest.

There was also at least one case when Sara and I were ruling, where
we recieved an award recomendation for an individual that we didn't
think was quite on par with what they had done. So we called the
folks who submitted the rec. They said that the person had already
earned everything they felt he should have, but that he was going
away and was well loved and the shire wanted to do something nice
for him. I suggested the shire collect some money and get him a
very nice personalized gift instead of some award. A well thought
out gift by a group of people, presented with all pomp and ceremony
in Court, could mean even more than another dangly around the neck.

>respect is an entirely different matter...

Very much so. Rank is nice for first impressions or for those
who don't look much beyond that. But rank is illusionary and
a sandcastle stage to stand on. The only real rank in the SCA
is honor and respect. The highest award anyone in the SCA has
is their name.

>Lorraine DeerSlayer


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