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>Yeah, but according to the OP, my wife isn't a laurel, either. I know she's
>a laurel;  I was there and we have the scroll to prove it. :-) I also
>remember HRM receiving his AoA. Now, he did win his first Crown before he
>was knighted - that's pretty impressive. I believe only Sigmund, Inman and
>Patrick have done that in this kingdom.

True, HRM did win his first crown before he was knighted but, in defense of
the circle, we had already decided to knight him and did not want to blow
his mind set before the tourney.  Sigmund and Inman both won and ruled as
unbelted Kings for their first reigns.  Inman won his second crown as an un
belted fighter and was announced to be knighted at evening court.


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