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> What is your definition of levels of activity at a local level?
> (so far mine are active, periodically active, event active only
> and non-active)

I think perhaps activity level should be individually assessed.  I've seen
people work at every local event they go to and never hold an office or go
to a meeting. And, by the same token, I've seen people go to every meeting
and every event, but once they are there, they feel their obligation is
fulfilled and don't do anything outside the scope of what is expected of them at an
event, and sometimes mundane life just gets in the way of it all, so why penalize for the real world??

> Do you think attitude and behavior should count toward or against
> an award?

Not if it's a personal judgment.  Just because you don't like someone
doesn't mean they don't deserve the award any less.  If it's an actual problem legality wise, then yes.

> and how long had you been playing and at what activity level...before
> you got your AoA...(if you have one yet)

I've been playing for about 15 or 16 years.  I was about five at the first event (it was actually a MedFaire) mom took us to.  I was 10 or 11 and we had been playing for about 5 or 6 years when I
received my Rising Star.  (This was the reign TRMs Michael and Rebecca
instituted the award.)  About 8 years later I received my AoA.  So about 13 or 14 years total.  (Disclaimer: we spent 8 or 9 years (very) active and then were only seen every once in a while for about 4, then I came back and became very active again at 18 and received my AoA about 2 months after coming back  and my glove 4 months after that.)  However, at the time I would have received my Keystone (Elfsea's baronial order that carries an AoA (I helped Arthur pick the gold paint!) I was told that I would not receive one since AoA's were not given to minors at the time.  (I carried an Ant (pre-Keystone) and all ants received Keystones at the time of inception.)

> Lorraine


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