[Ansteorra] Fund Raising Help Needed

Brian Martin BMartin at Corp.Prodigy.com
Thu Aug 29 11:27:29 PDT 2002

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	Greetings All,

	As you are all most likely aware, an effort is now underway to build
a permanent gate to the Ansteorran Royal Camp at the Gulf War site. Please
understand that when I say "gate", I mean an enormous barbican consisting of
two crenellated towers, and doors fifteen feet wide. When I say "gate" I
mean a monument to the strength, artistry and hard work that is Ansteorra.

	H.E. Master Fritz has drawn up the plans. These plans have been
approved. Groups are now volunteering to build sections of the gate. We are
ready to begin construction but for one thing: this gate will cost money.
H.E. Daniel Stewart, Baron of Elfsea, is in charge of fund raising for this
project, and he needs your assistance. In short, Daniel  needs one person
from each region to coordinate fund raising activities in their region.
Activities can include auctions, dunking booths, bake sales, whack-a-peer
contests* or whatever you can Daniel can think of.

	If you have good organizational skills and would like to aid in the
effort to build this glorious gate, assisting in the fund raising would be
the perfect opportunity. Interested parties should contact Baron Daniel at
baron at elfsea.net as soon as possible.

	On to Trimaris!
	H.E. Sir Pendaran Glamorgan,
	Ansteorran Liaison, GW XII

	*Pendaran Glamorgan is in no way advocating the whacking of peers
and cannot be held responsible for any random acts of peer whacking in this
or any other kingdom. If you know a peer who suffers from post traumatic
peer whacking disorder, please call the Peer Whacking Hotline at
1-800-HIT-PEER. Thank you.

	No peers were harmed during the creation of this email.

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