[Ansteorra] Re: Virtual Scribe email (was: award rec difficulties)

Michael Tucker michaelt at neosoft.com
Thu Aug 29 12:51:20 PDT 2002

Earlier today, I wrote:
> Regarding email to the Kingdom Virtual Scribe: please do NOT send your
> email to the "generic" email address (i.e. vscribe at ansteorra.org). There
> is a backlog of hundreds and hundreds of email messages at that address
> (most of which don't even seem to be virtual scribe business), which are
> presently accessible to me only via a slow and tedious web interface. I
> regret that I do not have the time or the patience to sort through all
> that mail using that interface.

Please disregard that. Many heartfelt thanks to Lord Eadric Anstappa,
virtual scribe for the Canton of Gate's Edge, who educated this poor
ignorant soul, letting me know that the Kingdom mail can be read using
IMAP-capable email software. (I don't know why nobody told me that
sooner, but better late than never.)

My computer is now industriously synchronizing 570 pieces of mail (yes,
570) that were backlogged on the Kingdom server. I'm sure the server
admins will be happy once they've been removed. :-)

Bottom line: please direct all future Virtual Scribe related
correspondence to the vscribe at ansteorra.org account. I apologize for any
confusion I've caused, and again thank you all for your patience.

Michael Silverhands
Kingdom Virtual Scribe (old dog learning new tricks, evidently *laugh*)
vscribe at ansteorra.org

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