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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 29 11:46:45 PDT 2002

> I remember having this conversation dozens of times
> when
> I was queen:  Someone would come to me and ask "But
> why did you give Lady X this award when Lord Z, who
> lives in the same group, has done more and for a
> longer period of time?"  My answer was always the
> same:  "Because nobody recommended Lord Z."
> Recommendations are so important!
Amen to that! I had that conversation several times
during our reign, too. The Crown can't possibly know
everyone who is deserving of an award at all times.
The vast majority of awards happen based on someone's
written recommendation, not on the Crown's personal
knowledge of those people.

> Write your recommendation down and give
> it to them so they'll have something to jog their
> memory when they sit down later to confer with their
> scribe.
Amen to that, too. I have to add that it's also a good
idea to email or snail mail your recommendations,
rather than handing them to the Crown at an event. The
Crown hauls so much stuff back and forth to events,
and there are so many people who help them with that
task, that it's very easy for scraps of paper to get
lost, forgotten, or inadvertantly transferred to
someone else's vehicle. While all award recs are of
great importance to any Crown, when you're sitting the
throne, you are often more worried about making sure
you don't forget the Sword of State and that someone
got the kneeling pillows out of the rain, than you are
about keeping track of an award rec someone jotted
down on a napkin and thrust at you just as you were
trying to find a few minutes to rush to the bathroom
before court.

Mailing your recs - especially emailing them - makes
it easier for the Crown to keep track of them.


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