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I really liked this post. It is very true. I would like to add to it.
Peers and nobles are people and like many SCAers deep down we are Shy. I
don't know if you know this but there are certain amount of people in
each group that don't want the peers and nobles to take part in the
group. There are many reasons for this. For some people they are just
scared that they will say the wrong thing, for others they feel their
power base is threatened by people who have more experience and
knowledge. Both of these groups put up barriers. For example one person
kept people from talking to me by telling them if they  called me and the
person made a mistake in my title I would hang up on them. Other person
told people that I was so much into myself that I wore my ducal coronet
to do the laundry. This kept people from wanting to talk to the crazy
lady. Another problem is people run from me. I know the 10 feet is
supposed to be a respect but I have to lay out traps to catch people.
This is upsetting. I get lonely at events. And I have felt that I am a
great damper on a party. This is sad because if you really know me you
know how much I like to Party. I can't fix these problems but others can.
In Elfsea and the Steppes some very nice people help me out. They have
taught people the correct titles and assured people that I won't get
upset if they use them wrong and they help break the ice by bridging that
ten foot gap. Regular people smile at me when I come to an event and make
me feel I am wanted even if the ducal thing is a pain. They play with my
persona. This helps my participation a lot and I believe if all you did
the same in your local groups you would probable find your peers taking a
greater part. Don't wait for someone else to make someone welcome do it
yourself. By the way this works with everyone.

Duchess Willow de Wisp

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> Well from everything that I have read on the list (and this is my
> own thought) That peers and nobles are looked up to by the rest of
> the kingdom no matter what. The populas does strive to be like them.
> and it takes hard work to reach those goals. What I think Gilli is
> getting at is that the show of the peers and nobles in a group at
> the local level does have an influance on others as well as the new
> people that show up to different activites and that helps with
> recruting. It also makes them more accesable for knowlege and
> lessons. When the group like from shire down gets the honor of
> having a peer or noble in there group they are looked up to  and
> believe me it is a big influance on the group and populas like I
> have heard if he can do it than why can't I. But if they do things
> else where and just pop up at an event or two and do nothing is
> really frustrating to the people in that group. And it is the same
> the other way if the peer or noble isn't doing anything than why
> should I attitude kicks in. And all you Peers and nobles this is
> specificly for you. You all are followed around by the populas like
> little lost puppies looking for recognition or just to be noticed.
> Watch some time and tell me this is not so. The populas look to you
> for guidance and when this doesn't happen people get frustrated and
> the wrong things can be said about someone that could be slanderous
> and hurtful because of the build up of frustration. I see this all
> the time. Yes it is grand to be working your butts off for the
> kingdom at that level and around their majesties but let's don't
> forget that the work at the local level is also work for the
> kingdom. There may not be any crown or nobles present but it still
> counts in the end.
> Keyna
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