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Greetings All,

Jehanne has asked me to post the following information in response to HL
Gwyneth's question regarding information regarding the rules for the A&S
competitions at Candlemas. This information will also be printed in the next
issue of the Black Star.

The following are the rules for this year's Kingdom Arts and Sciences
Competition.  If you plan to enter this competition you may wish to go to
"The State of the Arts" web site and review the judging forms that will be
used for the competition as well as some suggestions from the Laurels on
documentation.  The site can be found at
http://www.ansteorra.org/orders/peerage/laurel/  (or just go to MOAS in
Regnum at Ansteorra.org where you will find a link)

Rules for Ansteorra's Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition,

February 1, 2003

Rules for Static Arts and Sciences, Performance, and Scholarly Papers

1)          Each entrant may enter one item in up to two categories.  The
three categories are:
	a)      Static Arts and Sciences
	b)     Performing Arts
	c)      Scholarly Paper
2)                   Two entries in the same category are not permitted.

3)	Two entries are not mandatory.

4)            Entries must not have previously been shown in a Kingdom A&S

5)            Written documentation for static and performance pieces is
required for this competition.

6)            The Static, Performance, and Scholarly Judging forms developed
by the Laurels of Ansteorra will be used to judge this competition

7)            Performance pieces may not be longer than 10 minutes without
prior approval of the MOAS

8)	Those submitting scholarly papers should identify the type of paper
being submitted:  How to/ instructional Persuasive/argumentative, or

9)            Please e-mail scholarly papers to: Mistress Jehanne
(twinoak at cox-internet.com)  or mail a hard copy to:  Pam Martin, 15332
English River Lp., Leander, TX  78641.

            The DEADLINE for SCHOLARLY PAPERS is January 15, 2003.

Gulf Wars Champion's Battle & Gulf Wars Performance Battle.

In addition to our Kingdom A&S, the top 25 scores of Ansteorra's Static,
Research, and Performance Competitions will be invited to take their piece
to Gulf War to compete in either the A&S Static or Performance "Champions"
Competitions.  Of those 25 chosen, there will be a minimum of three and a
maximum of six chosen for the Performance Arts Competition.

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I was wanting more information on Candlemas for the artisan and Gulf War
The Blackstar says there is a link to a web site from the Kingdom Calendar
but it isn't up.
Is there a URL I can access or is the site not up yet?


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