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> From what I have seen in the SCA, I don't think that
> our approach to re-creating the Middle Ages coincides
> with this statement.

> The decision was a result of several years in hoping that the SCA could
>   come
>   >closer to what the rest of the TRF personell were trying to achieve, and
>   >finding that it just wasn't happening
I would almost agree with you.  Each year my wife and family try to make the
TRF and each year lately, I walk away from the event with the feeling that
some where some how some thing went terribly wrong with the concept .  When I
tell the kids in my classroom that the organization that I belong to is
involved in the TRF and they ask me what Dungeon and Dragon character I
portray there, then I know for a fact that it is no longer TRF but a larger
than life D&D activity.  Seeing fairies and other creatures that have no
business at the TRF demonstrates to me that the management is looking for an
identity that truly does not blend with the SCA philosophy.
Many fond memories from TRF- many fond friends, good recruitment
opportunities and lots of good food ( mostly non period) will make me miss
the old TRF but I have no remorse over the SCA losing the site.  The SCA will
continue to do what we do and TRF will continue to do what it does.  It's
just that I hate to see corporate greed ruin a good thing.  On that note- is
there any way to recuperate the loss of  the cost of the compound itself?


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