[Ansteorra] The Texas Rennaisance Festival Demo

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 16:56:23 PST 2002

Gerald said :
> In talking with Jeff he wanted to make it clear that there was no bad
> between TRF and the SCA.  <snip> The decision was a result of several
> years in hoping that the SCA  could come closer to what the rest of the
> TRF personell were trying to achieve, and finding that it just wasn't
> happening

Bors said:
> I predicted three years ago, on this list that this would be happening-
> It's not the SCA, it's the lost revenue.  The space that the SCA compound
> sits on is generating no revenue whats so ever while the smallest merchant

> space is renting for well over $770 per weekend.  I will go on to predict
> that the space that once was the SCA compound will turn into 3-4 merchant
> spaces and be much more profitable for TRF. It's the money not the people
> that is driving this decision.

While profit may be a small force in this decision, I don't agree that it's
the only decision.  TRF can claim a tax writeoff for each non-profit
organization that is out there, for the space they occupy and that is in
some cases equal or more important to the profit the business can make on
the few booth spaces given over to the non-profits.

But, I do agree that the SCA participation has dropped much over the last
few years, and that greatly affects our total look and feel to the patrons.
We have so few fighters showing up that many of our demos on the mound
fielded two fighters only; and the compound is often near empty of artisans
and bards in the later afternoon, leaving nothing happening in that prime

I'm very sorry to see this 'event' dissolve, for while many did not find the
SCA just like the faire, many did also stayed in our company years.  I don't
believe I would ever have found this society or the many friends I now hold
dear; if not for TRF.  There are many just like me, Sir Hector, Sir Rhodri,
Baroness Kathri and many more.

I shall very much miss our fun and opportunities at the Faire.
Mistress Hillary Greenslade

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