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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Dec 7 22:43:18 PST 2002

Gunnora commented:

> If you have someone who you think should have a Laurel (or any other
> peerage, or any other award at any other level) write a recommendation and
> send it in to the Crown.  If it's for a peerage, you might want to see that
> a copy also goes to members of the peerage circle in question - the Laurels
> have a Laurel Secretary (Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon at present) who would be
> a good contact point for this if you have a recommendation for a Laurel.
If you are thinking about writing a letter of recommendation,

especially if you've never written one, and are wondering what
details should be included or how to write one, perhaps these two
files in the Florilegium might prove to be of use:

Award-Rec-Let-art (10K) 11/16/00    "Writing Effective Award Recommend. Letters"
                                       by Countess Berengaria de Montfort.

award-rec-let-msg (11K) 11/ 2/00    Writing award recommendation letters.

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