[Ansteorra] How Much Travel is enough?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Dec 7 22:37:04 PST 2002

Mistress Gunnora answered Gilli's question about travel in part with:

> To be a Laurel, your art, whatever it is, has to be known.

> ... but it can be done by ...  publishing in Tournaments ILluminated

> and Complete Anachronist, and in many, many other ways.

Pardon me, while I hijack this thread... :-)

I like to think that one pathway to get your work known, and even

more, one way to help others in your field, and often the Known
World in general, is to write up your work or research you've done
in an article for the Florilegium. If you are concentrating on
impressing the folks in just your kingdom, this route is probably
too broad and dilute. But since the readership includes folks in
all kingdoms and some non-SCA areas, there is the chance that your
article could inspire folks in a far off area to take up or at
least try an art that is not done there locally. I know a number
of you have probably taken my hands-on pewter casting class over
the years. My interest in that art sprang from an article that
Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester posted on the Rialto in the early

I know that Nicolaa (now Mistress Nicolaa, and the editor of TI)
gives credit to having her articles published in the Florilegium,
and other websites, with helping her achieve her Laurel.

I can't promise that you will achieve the same results. However,

I can promise you the chance to help others around the Known

My standard policy is that the copyright for the articles stays
with the author and I accept updates and removal requests from
the author. I also have no objection to an article being
published both in the Florilegium and elsewhere. There are a number
of TI articles that have been published in the Florilegium, and at
least one article that was first published in the Florilegium that
was later published in TI.

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