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OK, so we have been talking about this for years, and now its come true. I
won't get into the who, when, why or what Jeff is talking about in that they,
"... feel that it is necessary due to continued violations..."; so, what
happens to our booth? I presume the festival wants the area we cleared out
all those years ago. Do they want our buildings too? Since we own them, do we
get to sell them to the festival, or a third party? Perhaps, take them apart
and move them down the road? (Or, sell them to a third party, who then moves
them someplace else on site, or down the road?) We put a lot of money, time
and effort into it over the years, to have it all taken away and turned into
another bar, or wedding area, without being compensated. Does the BOD have
any thoughts on it? What's the legal standing on it all? Inquiring minds want
to know.


Richard K.O'Donohoe, 20 year vet of TRF

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 >Subject: [Hou-announce] The Texas Rennaisance Festival Demo
 >Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:46:34 -0600
 >This decision almost makes me cry, as this year was the first 'real' year I
 >could participate.
 >Granted, I could be more active by taking a leadership role (and I will),
 >and knowing that everything SCA is beyond my understanding and
 >comprehension, I've grown to appreciate and love who we are and what we
 >stand for.  Having had more and more time to give to this organization over
 >the past year, I've seen many people slave for the betterment of this group
 >and the ideals which bind us.
 >I am proud to be a part, nevermind how small, of this game.  I look forward
 >with anticipation to serving and supporting our cause as we move on.
 >Allow me to be the second to say 'Vivat!' for living and pouring your
 >hearts into the SCA.
 >In service,
 >Antonello del Bello
 >mka Andrew Spies
 >Barony of the Stargate
 >Kingdom of Ansteorra
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 >Subject: [Hou-announce] The Texas Rennaisance Festival Demo
 > > Greetings unto the populace of Ansteorra.
 > >
 > > I am HL Gerald of Leesville, last year's liaison to the Texas
 > > Festival demo.  Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Jeff
 > > Entertainment Director for TRF, that read as follows:
 > >
 > > "Dear Gerald:
 > >
 > > This letter is to inform you that, after a great deal of thought, I will
 > > be renewing your contract with the Texas Renaissance Festival.  This has
 > > been a very difficult decision, but we feel that it is necessary due to
 > > continued violations of the festival dress code, demeanor code and our
 > > ongoing concerns about SCA participant adherence to our rules and
 > > regulations as outlined in our Texas Renaissance Festival participant
 > > handbook.
 > >
 > > We appreciate the fact that the SCA was an integral part of the festival
 > > during our early years.  However, over time, our organizations have
 >grown in
 > > different directions.  We have become increasingly business oriented,
 > > the SCA, in our opinion, has become less cohesive.  It is time for our
 > > organizations to part.
 > >
 > > Thank you for your 28 year participation.
 > >
 > > Best wishes,
 > > [sig]
 > > Jeffery L. Baldwin
 > > Entertainment Director"
 > >
 > > This morning I called Mr. Baldwin to talk to him about the letter, and
 > > gist of the conversation is that, over the years, TRF has become more
 > > more a theme park, with actors who are paid to make their decisions
 >based on
 > > audience reaction, while the SCA is a group of role-players who make
 > > decisions based on personal reactions.  This is what he means by
 > > "less cohesive".
 > >
 > > In talking with Jeff he wanted to make it clear that there was no bad
 > > between TRF and the SCA.  He said that this year's TRF liaison (Beowan)
 > > in a good effort to insure that any requests he had made were carried
 > > The decision was a result of several years in hoping that the SCA could
 > > closer to what the rest of the TRF personell were trying to achieve, and
 > > finding that it just wasn't happening.
 > >
 > > While there's a part of me that is sad to see the end of this particular
 > > yearly demo, I think we did a good showing for ourselves.  I would like
 > > thank all of you who participated in this year's demonstration, in
 > > capacity.  Our fighters did a good job with the change in format and
 > > the change of schedule.  Our artisans, as usual, did a wonderful job of
 > > displaying the depth and breadth of all crafts that are
 > > within the SCA.  Ld Beoan did a splendid job of keeping things going and
 > > trying to enlist sponsors, and his coordinators worked hard to make sure
 > > that all the pieces that were part of the demo (waterbearing, parade,
 > > were taken care of.  To all of you, Vivat!
 > >
 > > I would end this message with a request; there was no fault, so please
 > > try to find any.  There was no malice in the decision, so try to find no
 > > blame. If you feel so inclined as to respond to this message, please do
 > > by bringing back memories of past TRF demos that stand out.  This, I
 > > is a fitting end.
 > >
 > > I thank you for your patience.
 > >
 > > In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am
 > > HL Gerald of Leesville
 > > Title bard of Loch Soillier
 > > A bard of Stargate
 > > Kingdom Ansteorra

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