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I'm just curious - and I don't mean this as a challenge - but what do you
find offensive about TRF asking the SCA to leave? Is the manner in which
they did it, or just the fact that they kicked us out (so to speak)?

Just curious,

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I still admit that I believe that I find TRF's treatment of the SCA was
offensive.  I currently do not live in Texas/Oklahoma although I am a
home-grown Ansteorran and one of the founding members of the Barony of
Bonwicke, when and if I move back TRF is already crossed off of my list of
things to go to...



>Maybe I grew up differently.  I went to my first Ren Faire about 25 years
>ago when I was just a kid.  I remember things like dragons, a remote-
>operated sword-in-stone, and other things of fantasy and fairy tales.
>I have come to view ren-faires the same as a fantasy world.  I NEVER
>expected them to be some sort of living museum or they wouldn't have
>been quite as fun to me as a kid and these faires probably would not
>have lasted so many years.
>There should be no complaints about TRF or other renfaires for this sort
>of thing either.  For that matter, might as well call the SCA a fantasy
>group as well.  We are often inaccurate too.  Doesn't 'middle ages as
>they SHOULD HAVE BEEN' sort of sum it all up?  Go look into groups like
>Thistle Cot if you want to see more attention to accuracy.


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