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Michael Tucker mtucker at airmail.net
Fri Dec 20 11:34:04 PST 2002

On Friday, December 20, 2002, at 11:38 AM, Burke McCrory wrote:
> I just found out the Their Majesties created Sir Rhodri as the newest
> Lion
> of Ansteorra during court at Stargate Yule revel.  Congratulations to
> Sir
> Rhodri!!!
> To all of you that were in attendance at Stargate, What else happen in
> court???
> Sir Burke

Their Excellencies Godwin and Elissena created a new, non-armigerous
Baronial service award for young adults in those "between" years
(between Rook/Rising Star and AoA). The award is "The Gatekeepers of
Stargate", and the premier of the order is Tyger of Stargate (son of
Gerald of Leesville and Caitlin bean Ghearailt).

Their Excellencies re-opened the Order of the Misty Star (Stargate's
original Baronial service award), admitted Mistress Shanahan the Fey
(one of the founding members of Stargate), and re-closed the Order.

Their Excellencies gave a Pearl of Great Price (non-armigerous Baronial
service award, similar in honor to the Lion of Ansteorra) to Mistress
Kaitlyn McKenna.

The 30th Anniversary Titled Bard and Artisan of Stargate were named.

Against a field of competitors which included myself, Master Ihon, Lord
Scarheart, HL Gerald of Leesville, and Master Robin of Gilwell (what a
field to compete against!), Lord Snorri inn kyrri Hallsson (until
recently known as Stephen Macthomas) won the day, and is our new Titled

I apologize for my poor memory; the Titled Artisan escapes me. They say
that as you get older, memory is the second thing to go. I don't
remember what the first thing was. :-P

In the Royal court, Sir Rhodri ap Gwythyr was named a Lion of
Ansteorra. Mistress Sieglinde Syr was admitted to the Order of the
Pelican. Countess Sara Penrose was called to the Order of the Laurel,
and will be elevated at Coronation.

(As a side note, the "back yard" did very well that day: a Pelican, a
Laurel, a Lion, and a Pearl of Great Price. Vivat, House Drenjaval!
Vivat, House Stormhaven!)

Breaking a little with tradition, Their Majesties also went ahead and
granted some of the Grace awards usually held until stepping-down
court. They presented their sons with King's Gauntlets, and their
daughter with a Queen's Glove, for all the love and support their
children have willingly given them this reign. (Their children are old
enough, this time around, to decide for themselves how to spend their
time; and they chose to spend it in support of their parents.)

I'm sorry, but I don't recall the other awards granted. Perhaps a
herald can help us out. :-)

Michael Silverhands

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