[Ansteorra] Membership cost and redux through modern tech.

Mr. and Mrs. Fryday fryday at swbell.net
Tue Feb 5 12:44:08 PST 2002

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BOD, SCA Inc.,
    As a sustaining member I feel that if one of the two options must be chosen I would elect to go with Option 2. Option 2 is the most customizable for a person signing up for membership. I do feel there is a is a way to reduce the overall cost of publication for any and all SCA documents.
    Most of the news letters, publications, and reports are produced with modern technology, i.e. computers. These are then sent to press. SCA Inc. could save a lot of money by utilizing available assets like the internet to distribute the documents. All publications could be stored on a network server in PDF format and viewed by the public. This totally eliminates the paper beget and postal cost for all of the various pubs. This may require the addition of a new office such as an e-scribe or the like. In the end we will have to find a way to reduce cost while maintaining accessibility. An increase in member fees may be inevitable but we should exhaust all other means of lowering the beget first.
    I am willing to bet that there are many members with other ideas that could help in this area. I hope everyone can take a moment to think of an idea and submit it to the BOD. Lets help with our organization.

In Service,
Gassion de Beaumarchais
(MKA: Carl Fryday)

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