[Ansteorra] Straw bales

Adrienne R. Ferrell aferrell at texas.net
Fri Feb 8 17:16:20 PST 2002

   If you want to see if a straw bale house looks like a period home come
to Savernake!  We have one that was built last year by Cynric, Erland,
Valencia and me.  It was a learning experience.  It's rock solid and
weather worthy.  Cooler in the summer and warm in the winter, the r value
is up near 40. (That would take a lot of pink stuff in your conventional
There are pictures pictures on the Bjornsborg home page.  Take the
Savernake tour.  go to www.savernake.org
Cynric is currently building a chapel with straw bales.

Some of my favorite strawbale links are:
http://www.greenbuilder.com/sbat/   (Straw Bale Association of Texas)


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