[Ansteorra] court at 3'ish, then feast at ?? how many lost dinner sales?

key connor constable_sca at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 08:37:29 PST 2002

 --- Margaret Mitchell <mirrim at moritu.net> wrote:

> Actually I was thinking about court at 3:00.
> Then a specific time could
> still be set for feast, and there would be time
> for dancing or other
> merriment after feast.  If the time for court
> is announced in the event
> announcement everyone could plan for it.
> Mirrim

key connor asked the question>>>>

  So the next question is:

1) Will the boys and girls come in to eat, most
will I think?

2) Will the event loose on the no. of dinners

3) How do we find out, where can we find info on
this type of schedule??

4) Anyone know of a place that does court early
then feast???

5) What else do we need to know about changing or
times around, will any thing else be affected??

Many thanks for your time and consideration of
this matter,

Key Connor

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