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James Crouchet jtc at io.com
Mon Feb 11 23:03:08 PST 2002

Since this is happening in Marble Falls, I thought I would let everyone

It is an English Civil War Society event and it will be at our ranch in
Marble Falls. A link to directions is at the bottom. It will be small --
between 20 and 30 people. But it will be way cool. Activities will

Pike drills
Live musket fire (yep, you get to fire a real matchlock musket)
fencing (like SCA rapier)
Cannon demonstration (LIVE fire at a target)

I think a lot of you would enjoy it, ***BUT*** it is different from an SCA
event in a few ways.

1. The period is Cavalier or Elizabethan. If you do not have those
clothes, ECW prefers you come in mundane clothes.

2. The event steward has the right to decide who can and cannot
participate in what. Unless there is a problem he is unlikely to exercise
this, but when real gunfire is involved, it only makes sense that he have
veto power.

3. We have not yet established authorizations for fencing or other
activities so if you wish to fence and you can be safe there is no reason
you cannot participate.

4. There is no site fee. The steward will accept donations at your
discretion to help defray the cost of the event. If you wish to fire the
muskets (and who doesn't?) there may be a small fee to cover powder
and shot.

5. Lunch is pot luck/bring your own. There is no feast.

Here is an update message from the Steward:

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From:           	yodel at texas.net
Subject:        	[RN] Academy of the Soldier Updates (Please
Read Thoroughly)

Hi Everyone,

Here are some more notes:

WE WILL HAVE THE CANNON.  There was some concern that Alan
Hutton  might not be able to make it and that we might not have the
cannon.  I have made arrangements with Alan and ensured that we will
have the cannon.

I am getting a good response on this event and it looks like it is
going to be well attended.  Remember, you need to let me know that
you are attending so I can get you the gate code.

Weather: For the most part things look good with an expected high
temperature of about 66 and low of 50.  Great weather for period
clothing.  We may see a little drizzle if anything at all.

Crash Space:
I will have some limited crash space at my place.  If you are in
need, please let me know.

Gate Code:
If you are even remotely planning on attending the event please you
must contact me so I can get you the correct gate code.  Please
contact me at yodel at texas.net or call me at 512-835-4024.

Travel Time:
Give yourself about an hour to get to the site once you leave Austin.
The road is very windy so please take your time and be safe.

Additional Fire Arms:
If you are going to be bringing a period fire arm, please let me know
ahead of time so I can approve it.

Special thanks to James and Elizabeth Crouchet for the use of
their property.

Camping is available with prior coordination.

Camp fires are also possible but prior coordination is absolutely

There are hotels in Marble Falls for those that need them.
Additionally, I will have some limited floor/crash space for those
coming from out of town.

Great Balls o' Iron!!
We will be able to live fire the cannon.  In fact if we can get cannon
balls for the cannon, we will have a chance to see how real cannon
balls fire.

Black Powder:
I will have black powder, but hey, you can never have enough black
powder.  If you can bring some, great. 2F and 4F are best. 3F is

Muskets and wheelocks:
Bring 'em if you got 'em.

In terms of dinner, The Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls has come
highly recommended.

Trash/Clean up:
Please bring a trash bag with you so that we can leave the site
cleaner than we found it.

More later.

Take care,
John Hidalgo

What: Academy of the Soldier
Web Site: http://www.ecwsa.org/texas
When: February 16th, 2002, 9am to 5pm
Where: Marble Falls, Texas
Directions: http://www.io.com/~jtc/ecwsa
Fee: No fee charged but donations are greatly appreciated
Who:  All ECWSA, SCA, Renfaire Military, Re-enactors (16th & 17th
century) and anyone else of appropriate interest Wear: 17th
century/English Civil war pattern clothing is preferred.  16th century
clothing is acceptable if done well.  Please, NO FANTASY
 Cannon safety, drill, live fire
 Musket safety, drill, live fire
 Pike safety and Drill
 Fencing Competition
 Tactical Competition King's Life Guard vs. Scots Covenanters (time
and resources permitting)
 Dinner after event (location to be determined)
Bring: Fencing gear, period food for pot luck lunch.

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