[Ansteorra] Thank you for making Blat a success!

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Tue Feb 12 11:41:20 PST 2002

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That word about sums up Brad Leah's Ansteorran Tribute, this past weekend.
Our shire would like to thank everyone who worked, donated and participated
in Blat!!  It was an overwhelming success!!  Never did we dream that so many
gentles would be so generous and giving with only 4 weeks notice.  The silent
auction alone took 4 tables because of the vast selection of items!

Thank you for your generosity to this kingdom!!   We had gentles from all
over the kingdom attend making this truely an Ansteorran Tribute.

Special Thanks to:

His Majesty for attending a small, non-kingdom calendar event in a far away
shire :)
Duke Kien for running our heavy fighting
Lady Theresa for over seeing our Light fighting
Master Artorious and HE Adria, along with the entire Barony of Eldern Hills
for a simply fantastic, HOT feast.
Baroness Michelle for hosting the Silent Auciton
Mistress Stacia and Master Tarl for putting together and running a very
profitable raffle.
hopefully we haven't left anyone out.

The amount collect.. not just the profits,,,will go to Kingdom use.  We are
VERY proud to announce that our little "thrown together at the last minute"
FREE event has made OVER  $2,500.oo !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all our dedicated members of the Shire of Brad Leah for wanting to
give something back to the Kingdom and populace.  It takes a lot of gusto to
host a free event with little lead in time or advertising! Vivat!!

In service to the Kingdom and her populace,
Your proud stewarts of BLAT
Earl Daffydd Whittaker
Lady Monica de la Cueva

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