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> > I don't mean to rain on the parade for this idea, but another thought is
wet hay can go up in smoke just as well as dry hay. Spontanous combunstion has
been known to start in wet hay. I've seen it happen. Lampasas River flooded
and the barn and winter hay was close enough to go underwater. Water went down
and 3 days later, its on fire. I won't believe wet hay catching fire if I
hadn't seen it for myself. From my understanding, the wall will only be one
bale thick, that alone shouldn't be enough to worry about, but this maybe
something to watch out for just in case. Just two cents worth of thought.

>The joys of composting

David, my Plant Science and Horticultural Thereapy professors, as well as my Master
Gardener mentor, could not have explained the compost process and potential
spontaneous combustion better!  When the silo blew it looked like napalm in
the morning.

Brother Kris
>Anaerobic bacteria start working, producing heat, enough to dry the
>center of the bales.
>Insulation factor of the hay is high enough to contain the heat, as
>the anaerobic decomposition continues at the outer edge of the growing
>sphere of dry, powdered hay and accelerates due to the elevated
>temperature. Process also produced methane. After awhile, the center
>of the sphere reaches the auto ignition point (possibly as low as 200
>F, depending on fuel/air mixture, and starts to smolder, producing
>charcoal powder. Flame front finally reaches open air, and you have
>flaming "wet" hay.
>David Gallowglass
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