[Ansteorra] re: What can we talk about (was Level 3...)

gtaylor gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu
Wed Jan 2 08:06:31 PST 2002

> But I do see what the original person is saying. How to make Nobles more
> accessable is the question. The easiest way would be to have the newcomers
> liason hook up a newcomer with a local noble/peer at each fighter
> practice/event/meeting/guild gathering/etc. It may not always work but it
> is the one that will yield best results.

> Sincerely,
> Chiara Francesca
> chiara at io.com

When this hooking up is to happen, however, make sure to do it when the
noble/peer has time to really pay attention to the new person.  As you get
more titles, your time seems to shrink significantly, particularly at
events...and many times there are responsibilities that are dealt with at
fighter practice....


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