[Ansteorra] So What's Planned For Coronation

Stefan li Rous stefan at texas.net
Tue Jan 1 21:34:00 PST 2002

Lady Marianna declared:
> As this is my first large event, I hope I don't forget anything!!!  Panic is
> beginning to take over as there are less than two weeks, to go!!!!

I think this is a common thing, whether this is your first event to
steward, or you've done multiple ones.

Perhaps a quick read through this file might bring to mind any items
that you've forgotten, or more likely, be reassuring that you haven't
forgotten anything.
evnt-stewards-msg (55K) 10/ 2/00    Suggestions for event stewards. (autocrats)

This is in the SCA-EVENT-PLANNING section of the Florilegium and some
of the other files might also be of interest.

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