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Fri Jan 4 02:33:04 PST 2002

Hey, Agnarr!

I need reservations for Patti and myself for feast.  Also, unless I am
needed to work gate, I want to be a merchant.  My request is supposed to
have been forwarded to you.

Stone Rainbow              Jewelry, books, candles, stones, toys and

Will Eleanor be there?  I haven't talked to her in awhile, buy I think
she said she was going.  I hope so.

Happy New Year,


On Fri, 4 Jan 2002 01:11:21 -0600 "H.L. Agnarr Thorvaldsson"
<agnarr at quik.com> writes:
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> Yes! I must also plug the feast for Coronation.  A grand meal is
> being planned, by the Feastocrat as he and the Kitchen Crew really
> know how to run a kitchen.
> And since I'm the individual responsible for recording the feast
> reservations, I would like to suggest to all individuals that are
> thinking of joining in this repast that you contact me offlist for a
> reservation as the spaces are Going FAST.  Also I should point out
> that as I will be leaving on the morning of the 11th (Friday), to
> help with site set-up, I will not be near my computer or home phone
> to take any last minute reservations.  So to that end, I will only
> be accepting
> reservations until the morning of the 11th of January.  After that,
> I'm sorry to say that if you have not gotten a reply from me on your
> feast request you will just have to take your chances at the gate.
> Also in case anyone is wondering there is going to be several
> Merchants in attendance.
> At this time here is a list of those merchants that has contacted me
> for one of the 15 spaces.
> Starkey's Portrait Studio        Portraits,
> Scaretwoode                           Pewter Goods, other items
> Calontir Trim                            Trim, trim and more Trim
> Ripples in Time                       Middle-Eastern Items
> Logan's Smithy                       Arms and Armor
> Badger's Ironwork                  Ironwork
> Anglefire Pottery                     Pottery items
> House Morningstar                 Books, Pewter-ware & gift ideas
> Desert Dancer                        Middle-eastern Items
> Kate's Korner                          Garb & related items
> The Pheonix                            Garb, Trim & other items
> Little Mercado                         Books
> Heraldic Consultation           All of your Heraldic Needs
> So If by chance you are a merchant wanting to set up at Coronation
> and you are not on the list their is only 3 spaces left so again I
> suggest that you contact me to reserve one for you as they are a
> first come, first serve.
> You can contact me either by phone or offlist.
> home Ph #  915-393-5980, (between 5 to 10pm).
> agnarr at quik.com
> HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson
> Crossrode Keep, Ansteorra
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