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Yes! I must also plug the feast for Coronation.  A grand meal is being planned, by the Feastocrat as he and the Kitchen Crew really know how to run a kitchen.

And since I'm the individual responsible for recording the feast reservations, I would like to suggest to all individuals that are thinking of joining in this repast that you contact me offlist for a reservation as the spaces are Going FAST.  Also I should point out that as I will be leaving on the morning of the 11th (Friday), to help with site set-up, I will not be near my computer or home phone to take any last minute reservations.  So to that end, I will only be accepting
reservations until the morning of the 11th of January.  After that, I'm sorry to say that if you have not gotten a reply from me on your feast request you will just have to take your chances at the gate.

Also in case anyone is wondering there is going to be several Merchants in attendance.

At this time here is a list of those merchants that has contacted me for one of the 15 spaces.

Starkey's Portrait Studio        Portraits,
Scaretwoode                           Pewter Goods, other items
Calontir Trim                            Trim, trim and more Trim
Ripples in Time                       Middle-Eastern Items
Logan's Smithy                       Arms and Armor
Badger's Ironwork                  Ironwork
Anglefire Pottery                     Pottery items
House Morningstar                 Books, Pewter-ware & gift ideas
Desert Dancer                        Middle-eastern Items
Kate's Korner                          Garb & related items
The Pheonix                            Garb, Trim & other items
Little Mercado                         Books
Heraldic Consultation           All of your Heraldic Needs

So If by chance you are a merchant wanting to set up at Coronation and you are not on the list their is only 3 spaces left so again I suggest that you contact me to reserve one for you as they are a first come, first serve.

You can contact me either by phone or offlist.
home Ph #  915-393-5980, (between 5 to 10pm).
agnarr at quik.com

HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson
Crossrode Keep, Ansteorra

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