[Ansteorra] sewing trim help

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Jan 7 21:42:18 PST 2002

>I can relate.  My karmic punishment for being a clotheshorse is having a
>husband who doesn't really care what he wears, preferring just shirt and
>mongol pants.  I'm making him a silk del out of *very* expensive fabric and he
>already knows he may not smoke his pipe while wearing it and must wear a heavy
>linen napkin while eating in it.  Breathing and sitting are still under
>Baroness Catrin

I hope you do decied to let him breathe...

As to sewing trim, can you explain to us how it is you do all of your
emboiderie on separate material and then attach it to the dress.  I have
watched you working on it and have heard the basics of how it is attached,
but not well enough to try it myself.  Not sure if I am brave enough to try
this, but hope to eventually get there.  For those who haven't seen her
dresses, they are simple and elegant tunics, and the needlework is incredible.


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