[Ansteorra] Archers to WAR!!!!!

Michelle Hanson bmhanson at airmail.net
Mon Jan 14 21:13:44 PST 2002

The website is actually


There is no [1] after the "/borderwars" part.

We do however encourage you tot come and partake of this most generous
offer.  Thank you to HL Gilli for doing this!  :) :) :)

Margarite McBridin
Autocrat Border Wars 2002


To check out the Border Wars web site it is at
It is a central location for all in the Kingdom.  We will be having
All day Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday Afternoon is the Static Archery
  Your not authorized in combat archery?????  NOT A PROBLEM.   We can do
here also.
  Hope to see you there.  VIVAT GILLI !!!  VIVAT ANSTEORRA!!!!!


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