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The website is:


There is no [1] after the "/borderwars" part.

Thank you
Margarite McBridin
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Greetings ,
  HL Gilli will be setting up his WAR FACTORY at Border Wars.  So if you
an Archer, or want to be an Archer..  This is your chance.  Gilli also
made this offer for our mighty Kingdom.
"Now here's the deal, see if you like it.  In addition to helping folks
their arrows done, I have ALOT of wood arrows that didn't get finished
last year.  I don't know exactly how many, 600 - 800 give or take.  All
them require having the warheads put on and adding the APD.  How ever
many of
them we can get put together that weekend, you all can take with you to
war.  And here's the best part, you all can keep them after that too!!
And by
"you" I mean the folks, households, whatever that helped finish them
  This is a most generous offer.  So if you need to update your arrows
to the
new rules here is an oportunity...  To check out the Border Wars web
site it
is at
It is a central location for all in the Kingdom.  We will be having
All day Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday Afternoon is the Static Archery
  Your not authorized in combat archery?????  NOT A PROBLEM.   We can do
here also.
  Hope to see you there.  VIVAT GILLI !!!  VIVAT ANSTEORRA!!!!!


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