[Ansteorra] marriage and registered persona names

Vicki Shetler shetler at attbi.com
Fri Jan 18 13:36:04 PST 2002

I personally started out in the SCA with a seperate SCA name than my
husband's.  When I was a newbie the group that I was playing with at the
time pretty much railroaded me in a Persona, persona name, and a device.
 But, once I was in for while and discovered that this wasn't the norm.
 I decided to create my own name, persona, etc.  I did so, I also took a
similar though later period persona than my husband..  I decided that I
wanted to take his SCA last name as mine. I made certain to document
this since his name was passed way back in the '80's.  And had him
enclose a letter stating this with my paperwork for documentation of my
SCA name.

It passed and I am very happy to have the same last SCA name as my spouse..

Isolda von Rugen (SCA name now)
who used to be Victoria Katherine Bragwyn of Wintermist

Aceia wrote:

>I was curious to hear what other ladies in the society thought about persona
>marriage and the taking of the man's name.  Should a woman take her
>husband's name in persona?  Should she re-register her name if she does?
>just curious -
>Robin Anderson of Ross (should it be Robin Drummond?)

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