[Ansteorra] marriage and registered persona names

Elisabeth B. Zakes ezakes at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 20 08:25:26 PST 2002

I took my husband's name when we married. This does not seem to be uncommon
in Elizabethan England, and in much of the 1500s as well (Lady Jane Grey
became Lady Jane Dudley when she married Guildford Dudley, for instance).

For the heralds, if his name is already registered simply document when his
name was passed. We needed to do this for our children as well. If you are
both submitting together, use the same documentation for both.

Aethelyan Moondragon
Bryn Gwlad

I personally started out in the SCA with a seperate SCA name than my
husband's.  When I was a newbie the group that I was playing with at the
time pretty much railroaded me in a Persona, persona name, and a device.
 But, once I was in for while and discovered that this wasn't the norm.
 I decided to create my own name, persona, etc.  I did so, I also took a
similar though later period persona than my husband..  I decided that I
wanted to take his SCA last name as mine. I made certain to document
this since his name was passed way back in the '80's.  And had him
enclose a letter stating this with my paperwork for documentation of my
SCA name.

It passed and I am very happy to have the same last SCA name as my spouse..

Isolda von Rugen (SCA name now)
who used to be Victoria Katherine Bragwyn of Wintermist

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