[Ansteorra] Where Can We Melee?

Sirbsilveraxe at aol.com Sirbsilveraxe at aol.com
Fri Jan 18 13:39:10 PST 2002

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Your Grace and fellow fighters,
  After discussion with his Majesty this last weekend at Coronation, it was
brought to mind that since we are going to have a Chiv Circle at Meade Bee's
this year that it would be a perfect opportunity to have a War Collage after
our morning snowball mellee tournament.  After the discussion with his
Majesty one was added to the schedule of events.  This came to mind because
not only will there be many fighters from our region and others but also
fighters from Calontir there as well. I can't think of a better time to test
our skills  and those of our allies than that.  This would also be just about
the last time before the War to do so.  Please take this into consideration
when planning your War practices.  We in Wiesenfeuer and the North hope to
see many of you there.

Earl Barn Silveraxe

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