[Ansteorra] Where Can We Melee?

Keith Ewing kein at austintx.net
Thu Jan 17 21:45:41 PST 2002

Where can we practice new-found skills of working together as units? Where
can we go to test our steel against strong opponents? Where can we go to
taste the camaraderie of soldiers in battle?

I'll tell you where.

In the arroyos at the last Siege of the Abbey, happening this weekend in
Seawinds.  The arroyos are a true test for a strategist's mind, a soldier's
skill, and a Hero's heart. I'd like to see all fighters from the Southern
and Coastal regions there. I'll be there.

At Brad Leah's Ansteorran Tribute, on February 8 - 10 at the Festival of
Japan site. This is a good time for northerners to meet with westerners and
the fighters from the central region to show their mettle. I'd like to see
them there. I'll be there.

At Border Wars in Lindenwood on February 15-17 just north of Elfsea. They
have some excellent scenarios planned for the morning and then they're
leaving the afternoon to me.
I'd like to see fighters from all regions there. I'll be there.

If we use these three opportunities to practice our skills and develop our
identity as an army, then this army, The Ansteorran Army of Heroes, will be


Duke Kein MacEwan
General of the Ansteorran Army of Heroes.

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