[Ansteorra] marriage and registered persona names

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Fri Jan 18 17:00:52 PST 2002

"Mark.S Harris" wrote:

> Interesting. I've often wondered in today's age of women's "liberation"
> and increased independance, why we haven't seen this happen. Rather, I
> think I've noticed more hyphenation of names.

I kept my surname when I married.  There were several reasons for doing
so; women's lib was not one of them.

One of the problems with hyphenated names is how to handle naming
children and how the children handle their name if they marry another
hyphenated person.  You eventually end up with some really long names.
Some cultures use the mother's name as the child's middle name
(given-name mother's-surname father's-surname).

One book I read on the subject was advocating women keep their names,
naming the male children after the father and the female children after
the mother.  I've also seen the suggestion of doing the opposite (males
after the mother, females after the father).

As far as "period" practice it comes down to when, what culture and what

Then there's the whole issue of armory.  When many married couples
register similar arms they are implying a familial (ie, brother /
sister) relationship.


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