[Ansteorra] marriage and registered persona names

Christie Ward val_org at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 18 11:37:02 PST 2002

>I was curious to hear what other ladies in the society thought about
>persona marriage and the taking of the man's name.  Should a woman take her
>husband's name in persona?  Should she re-register her name if she does?
>just curious -
>Robin Anderson of Ross (should it be Robin Drummond?)

It depends.  What the custom regarding the names in the culture and time in
which your persona lives?

A Viking woman wouldn't change her name - they didn't use surnames, and her
patronymic still referred to her father the way it always did.

I do have an idea for you - if you're not sure about whether or not people
in your time and culture would have changed their name to adopt the
husband's name, contact the Academy of St. Gabriel and ask if they can help
you -- http://www.s-gabriel.org


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