[Ansteorra] Time to Pass your Arms!

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Sat Jan 19 07:54:32 PST 2002

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There will also be a Youth combat List.
So work on your armor and be ready!!!!
Merridias has about 5 Youth combatants.
 I would love to have a group of Ansteorran Youth at GWs.
So here is your chance to practice and be seen!!!
Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor

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eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com writes:

> Good morning Ansteorra and all of the great Barony of
> Elfsea!
> Have you ever wanted to be important? Powerful? Sassy
> beyond all recognition? Well, now's your chance! Every
> year after Baronial College, the Barony of Elfsea
> gathers to witness the greatest show of courage and
> skill on the battlefield when they choose....
> *insert superhero music here*
> Now, it's quite simple really and only a little
> painful. You may compete in three categories:
> Chivalric (painful), Rapier (relatively painless) or
> Target Archery (ow! Stupid bowstring!).
> Of those who compete in the categories will His
> Excellency, Baron Galen of Bristol, and his dear lady
> wife Her Excellency, Baroness Allesandra Beatrice
> Desiderio, choose those willing to guard their person
> and their land.
> Being a guardsman is not easy. As a current Elfsea
> Yeoman, I must say this: it's a tough job...but
> somebody's gotta wear the tabard.
> So, suck up some courage, lords and ladies! Come out
> on Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 10 am
> to Veterans Park in Arlington, TX and show us your
> skills, be they sword, rapier or bow!
> Lady Eleanor Cleavely
> Autocrat
> Passage of Arms
> From I20
> Take your best route to Green Oaks Blvd. Go North on
> Green Oaks until you hit Arkansas. Take a right on
> Arkansas and follow Arkansas all the way down to
> Spanish Trail. Take a right on Spanish Trail. Park
> entrance is on your right.
> From I30
> Take your best route to Eastchase Parkway. Go south on
> Eastchase (it becomes Dottie Lynn...which becomes
> Green Oaks) until you hit Arkansas. Take a left on
> Arkansas. Follow Arkansas all the way down to Spanish
> Trail. Take a right on Spanish Trail. Park entrance is
> on the right.
> The Rules:
> Pets allowed but they MUST be leashed. NO LIVE
> WEAPONS. Site is NOT wet.

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