[Ansteorra] Time to Pass your Arms!

Tessa Nieto eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 19 06:29:04 PST 2002

Good morning Ansteorra and all of the great Barony of

Have you ever wanted to be important? Powerful? Sassy
beyond all recognition? Well, now's your chance! Every
year after Baronial College, the Barony of Elfsea
gathers to witness the greatest show of courage and
skill on the battlefield when they choose....

*insert superhero music here*


Now, it's quite simple really and only a little
painful. You may compete in three categories:
Chivalric (painful), Rapier (relatively painless) or
Target Archery (ow! Stupid bowstring!).

Of those who compete in the categories will His
Excellency, Baron Galen of Bristol, and his dear lady
wife Her Excellency, Baroness Allesandra Beatrice
Desiderio, choose those willing to guard their person
and their land.

Being a guardsman is not easy. As a current Elfsea
Yeoman, I must say this: it's a tough job...but
somebody's gotta wear the tabard.

So, suck up some courage, lords and ladies! Come out
on Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 10 am
to Veterans Park in Arlington, TX and show us your
skills, be they sword, rapier or bow!

Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Passage of Arms


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