[Ansteorra] Time to Pass your Arms!

Chris Zakes moondrgn at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 20 17:24:11 PST 2002

At 06:29 AM 1/19/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Good morning Ansteorra and all of the great Barony of
>Have you ever wanted to be important? Powerful? Sassy
>beyond all recognition? Well, now's your chance! Every
>year after Baronial College, the Barony of Elfsea
>gathers to witness the greatest show of courage and
>skill on the battlefield when they choose....
>*insert superhero music here*
>Now, it's quite simple really and only a little
>painful. You may compete in three categories:
>Chivalric (painful), Rapier (relatively painless) or
>Target Archery (ow! Stupid bowstring!).

(major snippage)

>The Rules:
>Pets allowed but they MUST be leashed. NO LIVE
>WEAPONS. Site is NOT wet.

Okay... maybe I'm just being a little dense here, but if we can't have any
live weapons, how are we going to do target archery? (There's a deeper
philosophical question about why we would have an SCA event at a place that
doesn't allow weapons, but I think I'll pass on that one for the moment.)

	-Tivar Moondragon
		Bryn Gwlad

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