[Ansteorra] Time to Pass your Arms!

Tessa Nieto eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 05:18:44 PST 2002

> Okay... maybe I'm just being a little dense here,
> but if we can't have any
> live weapons, how are we going to do target archery?
> (There's a deeper
> philosophical question about why we would have an
> SCA event at a place that
> doesn't allow weapons, but I think I'll pass on that
> one for the moment.)
> 	-Tivar Moondragon
> 		Bryn Gwlad

Excellent point, Tivar! :O)

The City of Arlington has graciously set aside their
"no flying objects other than poodles or frisbees"
ordinance for us for one day, which is Passage of
Arms. The "Live Weapons" I was speaking of were swords
with sharp edges, i.e. anything other than rapiers.
They didn't like the idea of axe or knife throwing,
which I did ask about. It was hard enough getting them
to agree to archery.

Does that answer your question?

Have a great day!

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