[Ansteorra] Order of the Arcus Majoris

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Several of the Kingdoms have grant awards for archery but all of them are
unique to the Kingdom that awards them.

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> > For those interested, I'd like to share my thoughts and some
> > background on the genesis of the order.
>Indeed, a gap that very much needed filling.
>I am curious, however, about one thing. Was there any effort to see if
>any other kingdom had organized an order like this one? I know that is
>not typical practice in the SCA, but one of the coolest things about the
>White Scarf is that it is now shared by so many kingdoms. Finding a
>foreign brother across a sword or over a pint is a wonderful experience,
>as I am sure you know as a knight.
>I know looking to other kingdoms is not normally a consideration when
>we create a new award, but perhaps we should consider this when
>next we need such an award.
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