[Ansteorra] Order of the Arcus Majoris

James Crouchet jtc at io.com
Tue Jan 22 07:20:35 PST 2002

On 22 Jan 2002 at 11:33, Harry Bilings wrote:

> Several of the Kingdoms have grant awards for archery

Let me clarify that I am not just talking about any grant level award, but
an order that represents the ideals that our order was designed to

> but all of them
> are unique to the Kingdom that awards them.

And so was the White Scarf until the Outlands asked us to share it
with them. Ansteorra was not sure we wanted to share our precious
White Scarf but they convinced us. In time, Trimeris decided that if 2
could share, then why not 3 -- or more? Again we had to adjust our
concept of the White Scarf. Sure, we still have differences from
kingdom to kingdom and we all think OUR Dons and Donas are the
best, but is that not true of the Knights and Laurels as well?

I am not criticizing those who have formed this order; I am only
suggesting that in the future we may want to have a broader


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> > > For those interested, I'd like to share my thoughts and some
> > > background on the genesis of the order.
> >
> >Indeed, a gap that very much needed filling.
> >
> >I am curious, however, about one thing. Was there any effort to see
> >if any other kingdom had organized an order like this one? I know
> >that is not typical practice in the SCA, but one of the coolest
> >things about the White Scarf is that it is now shared by so many
> >kingdoms. Finding a foreign brother across a sword or over a pint is
> >a wonderful experience, as I am sure you know as a knight.
> >
> >I know looking to other kingdoms is not normally a consideration when
> >we create a new award, but perhaps we should consider this when next
> >we need such an award.
> >
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