[Ansteorra] Order of the Arcus Majoris

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Tue Jan 22 08:24:12 PST 2002

>James Crouchet
>> Harry Bilings
>> Several of the Kingdoms have grant awards for archery
>> but all of them
>> are unique to the Kingdom that awards them.
>And so was the White Scarf until the Outlands asked us to share it
>with them. Ansteorra was not sure we wanted to share our precious
>White Scarf but they convinced us. In time, Trimeris decided that if 2
>could share, then why not 3 -- or more? Again we had to adjust our
>concept of the White Scarf. Sure, we still have differences from
>kingdom to kingdom and we all think OUR Dons and Donas are the
>best, but is that not true of the Knights and Laurels as well?
>I am not criticizing those who have formed this order; I am only
>suggesting that in the future we may want to have a broader

I believe I can address this issue.  First of all, there is one archery award which exists in more than one Kingdom.  The Order of the Grey Goose Shaft (OGGS) exists in both the Kingdom of the West and An-Tir.

I brought up this concept once to Galen during the process of this award, and the basic opinion was that the 'leg-work' to arrange an equivalent to the White Scarf Treaty was going to be to involved.  In concept I do agree with Don Dore though that it would be exceptionally cool to have been able to do so.

Timothy of Glastinbury

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