[Ansteorra] Branch Champions responsibilities and privileges

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I think one of the best privileges is getting to associate with the Baroness
and the Baron.  I have made some wonderful friends due to being champion.

I think the responsibilities include anything positive you can think to do
for the group.  I think people are well aware that the champion will stand
through court.  I think it is also nice if the champion can try to make a
fighter practice in the area to share his skills through teaching.  A
champion can serve as a gopher, run small errands.

Another possibility which has been mentioned is participating in next years
championship.  Some groups like you to plan it.  Others don't ask that you
plan it, but like to use the previous champion as the bye.  Whatever their
traditions run to, that's the job.

Something that was mentioned as a privilege, but is also a stout
responsibility is keeping track of the pass down regalia.  If you get enough
of it, it can be hard to keep track of.


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> After a conversation this weekend at Seawinds on the responsibilities and
> privileges of the branch champions, I decided to post to the list to see
> what thoughts were found there.
> So, what does the kingdom think are the proper responsibilities and
> privileges of a branch champion once they have been selected to represent
> kingdom/barony/shire for the next year??
> Once they are selected, they often receive a really spiffy prize/s.
> nothing comes free.
> In the case of an armored or rapier, we've seen the usual responsibility
> having the champion stand behind the thrones of their 'patrons'.   What
> responsibilities of the equestrian or archery champion?   An
> honor/privilege would be to sit at the head table, which oft times
> some special delicacies of feast not presented to the other feasters in
> hall, which can be rather nice.
> For the bard or artisan, a responsibility may be to provide entertainment
> or artistry as largess/gifts, respectively, for their new 'patrons'.
> Again, an honor would be sitting at head table.
> What say you all?
> Perhaps the ideas presented here, will assist a first time champion to
> really espouse the 'role of champion'.
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