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As one who is a former bard for their Excellencies of Bryn Gwlad, I can say
they truly have it down.  I felt VERY privileged to be their bard, and was
always made to feel welcome.  They did put the responsibility of having me
return to perform for them in court at one of their events, ( I actually
made 3 during the year) but the result was I made a lot of friends there and
now I wouldn't miss an event in their home lands.

I am also the current bard for Bordermarch, and although circumstances have
prevented me from attending ALL of thier events (they are our next door
neighbors so I really should have been there), they have also made me feel
very special.  The responsibility they have placed on me is to write or
perform a piece especially for Bordermarch.  This is a challenge, but one I
am looking forward to.


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>As both a landed baron and the current titled bard of another barony, I
>opinions on both sides of the question. As the Baron and Baroness of Bryn
>Gwlad, Jehanne and I have arranged to have our champions, artisan and bard
>attend Bryn Gwlad events free during their tenure. In return we simply ask
>that they wait on us, hand and foot, feed us peeled grapes and bring us
>and song. Oops, sorry, slipped off into fantasy land for a minute. We
>honestly don't ask a great deal of our champions. We do like to process
>court with our champions because it makes for a nice show. We do like to
>have our bard entertain us, especially at BG events but we've found that we
>rarely have to ask them to do so - they tend to volunteer. (Performers like
>to perform so it doesn't take a lot of arm twisting.) We do ask the
>bard and artisan to help run and/or  judge the competition to determine
>their successors. It hasn't occurred to us to ask the artisan to make
>something to add to our baronial regalia, but I rather like the idea and
>steal it. :-)
>As the titled bard of Loch Sollier, I have promised my dear cousins Ulstead
>and Cateau that I will perform for them any time that they ask so long as
>we're at the same event. (Alas, doing Shakespeare over the phone just
>doesn't work.) I have also promised to come back to the Loch at least once
>before my tenure is up and perform and teach (if time and event schedule
>allows). I have also promised to help run and or judge the competition to
>determine my successor if they desire that help.
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>After a conversation this weekend at Seawinds on the responsibilities and
>privileges of the branch champions, I decided to post to the list to see
>what thoughts were found there.
>So, what does the kingdom think are the proper responsibilities and
>privileges of a branch champion once they have been selected to represent a
>kingdom/barony/shire for the next year??
>Once they are selected, they often receive a really spiffy prize/s.   Well,
>nothing comes free.
>In the case of an armored or rapier, we've seen the usual responsibility of
>having the champion stand behind the thrones of their 'patrons'.   What
>responsibilities of the equestrian or archery champion?   An
>honor/privilege would be to sit at the head table, which oft times includes
>some special delicacies of feast not presented to the other feasters in the
>hall, which can be rather nice.
>For the bard or artisan, a responsibility may be to provide entertainment
>or artistry as largess/gifts, respectively, for their new 'patrons'.
>Again, an honor would be sitting at head table.
>What say you all?
>Perhaps the ideas presented here, will assist a first time champion to
>really espouse the 'role of champion'.
>Mistress Hillary Greenslade, Stargate
>hillaryrg at yahoo.com
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