[Ansteorra] Branch Champions responsibilities and privileges

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Okay, my opinion, but it is backed up by having been champion of a few

I think a champion should:

1.  Comport themselves honorably on the field at all times, including the
list they win.  Doing otherwise will make the Barony ashamed of their

2.  Make at least the Baronial events.  This is generally two events per
year.  Be there for the whole event.  Stand in court if they want you to,
which they usually do.  Commit yourself to service at these few events and
do your best to spoil the Barony.  I have never succeeded in this to the
extent that I'd like to, but feel it is a noble goal.

3.  Attend as many of the Barony's practices as possible and teach.  If you
honorably won their tournament, it is clear that you have something useful
to teach.

4.  Attend as many other events as possible and wear any regalia you were
given.  If you are as honorable as you should be, you bring honor to the
Barony.  If you are not, it would be better had you stayed home.

5.  Do anything else you think of to have a positive impact on the Barony,
the Baroness or Baron, and their people.  Put your own personal stamp on
your tenure.

I think if you do 1, then you are doing what you must.  You should do 2.
Then do as many of 3-5 as you are able.

Again, this is my opinion.  You know whose opinion really matters?  The
Baroness (or Baron) you are fighting to defend.  Ask her as the tournament
gets to the quarter finals if you have questions.  Then think deeply.  If
you can't meet her expectations, withdraw with honor, assuring her that it's
not because you would not be pleased to be her champion, but because someone
else might do it better.


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> This has been a great discussion so far. But I still haven't got a clue
> a champion is expected to be responsible for. The easy answer is to just
> that responsibilities vary from one Championship to the next. This makes
> an easy answer but difficult to express to in terms that a Teacher would
> instruct to a student. After all that is what Knights do for their
> Dons do for Cadets, and other Peers do for their apprentices. Since I'm
> to the SCA, I'll just have to hope that these duties are more defined in
> future. Perhaps someone will elect to take this discussion to a higher
> and set out clear, fair, and honorable rites, duties, and responsibilities
> for Ansteorran Champions. Then this could be passed on from Master to
> Student as part of the education one may get in the SCA. For now I'll be
> happy to go experience the awe... and try not to step into my gapping
> Gassion de Beaumarchais

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